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 Henry perusing the old masters outside The Oil Lamp

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The Studio

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Sheela making strides with  a Galgo

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Inspiration from the garden

Come and explore your creative potential!

Private Tuition

If you'd like to join me for an oil-painting class, learn some valuable tricks of the trade, and return home with a joyous still-life painting of flowers or a portrait of your furry friend, please contact me by clicking on the button below. All tuition is one-to-one and takes place at my studio, The Oil Lamp, in Hadleigh. 


I offer two packages: 'The Introductory' or 'The Complete a Painting' bundle.


The Introductory 

The Introductory is a three-hour session which combines some art theory, analysis of your strength and weaknesses and the first practical steps of putting together a painting. The Taster costs £70.


The 'Complete a Painting' bundle

This package combines The Introductory with a follow-up session of three hours in the studio guiding you through the final stages of completing a painting. The end goal being that you can leave the studio with a finished work of art that (hopefully) makes you smile having explored some of the key aspects of successful picture-making such as preparing a board, creating a strong composition, colour-management, identifying your style-bricks, mark-making and applying the paint. 

Both packages come complete with one-to-one guidance, the use of all materials, including a primed board, brushes and paints, a well-stocked garden to unwind in or draw inspiration from, a useful library of old master books to peruse and refreshments available throughout. The bundle costs £125. To reserve your tuition all sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life"                 Pablo Picasso

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Fabulous little Charleston in Hadleigh!   Carol, Risby

Thank you again for this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has relit the artistic fire in me!                                                           Lynne, Hadleigh

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